Conversations In Love

31 Jul

Omigawd!  What a crazy exciting month! I haven’t been blogging much because so much is happening in the  organisation. Just fresh of the printing press was Tales My Lama Told Me and now, Conversations In Love. Well, this conversation book was born out of an instruction from Rinpoche to me and I am glad that it is out. He has personally given me countless personal relationship advice and he hopes that the advice has not gone to waste.

I conceived of the idea to have it written as a story of believable characters talking and sharing about real relationship issues and problems. I was having a meeting with a few people at his residence and Rinpoche came down to talk to us and he suggested that the book could be in the form of a conversation, a sort of Whatsapp conversation. I was balled over and I really liked the idea.

So, I created 4 fictional characters in a fictional setting and they are just talking in sorta casual candid sex-in-the-city manner about relationships. Of course, there’s a theme with each chapter centering around Rinpoche’s explanation of one of the vows that Rinpoche gave at a wedding. Rinpoche explained that these vows were formulated based on his years of counseling couples. So, each chapter begins with the snippet of Rinpoche’s explanation and the conversations comes after that.

After a lot of tweaking and fantastic design work by Fang. We have come up with this rather cute little book. I hope you guys will like it and I think it makes that perfect gift for girlfriends and guyfriends everywhere.


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  1. Wan Wai Meng August 5, 2012 at 5:37 pm #

    Being and staying in relationships is the preoccupation of everyone so this should be a must have for everyone.

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